Why Can’t I Astral Project?

Why cant I astral project

5 Reasons Why I Can't Astral Project and How To Fix Them

You lay down in a quiet place and clear your mind and move into deep relaxation. You think to yourself, “yes, tonight is the night I finally astral project“… The next thing you know, its the morning and all you achieved is to have a great nights sleep! Does this sound familiar? 

Don’t worry, you are not alone. This is very common when attempting astral projections. The good news is that you CAN astral project and I will help to show you just HOW.

Cant astral project

1. Overcoming Fear

Overcoming your fear of astral travel is possibly the biggest reason for failing to achieve an out of body experience consciously.

You may not even think that you have any fears or you might believe erroneously that you have them under control.

To combat your fear of the astral and all it involves you need to consciously face them. Take time out to go through everything you think about astral projection. See if you can spot the usual things that people are fearful of.

Fear of astral projection
  1. Fear of other astral beings, demons and shadowy figures.
  2. Fear of death as a result of astral projection.
  3. Fear of getting lost and not finding your way back to your body.

These are the main fear reasons and you need to think deeply about whether any of these are on your mind in any way.

Let me tell you now, none of those fears above are rational. You have to find a way to convince yourself of this and face them head on.

2. Lifestyle Choices

There is no doubt about it, my best times with astral projection have been when my lifestyle choices have been on the better side of good!

Don’t get me wrong I love to party, I love a beer or JD and coke just like the next man but this is not conducive to astral projection.

I went through a period a few years back where I was working too much, I was playing too much as well. During this time, I never managed an astral projection. I tried on several occasions but I would either just fall asleep or my heart just wasn’t in it like it should. 

Eating good healthy food and staying booze free are really important. If you really want to enjoy the wonderful world of astral travel then you need to take lifestyle choices seriously.

3. Relaxation Techniques

Proper relaxation techniques are crucial for reaching the vibrational state. I think of learning how to have an AP as a skill but learning good relaxation strategies are so important in this.

Learn some good muscle relaxation techniques and how to breathe properly. Cracking these two things are the basis for creating the relaxation you need to go deep and get the vibes.

Breathing techniques are as simple as just learning how to do deep slow breaths until it becomes an unconscious action.

Muscle relaxation is about focusing on each muscle group in turn and telling them to just relax and loosen up.


4. Getting Too Excited

I always recall my very first astral projection experience. I had not intended to have an OBE but it happened anyway.

I was in the middle of a lucid dream and suddenly I remember asking what if I could visit a local beach. I felt the vibrations and remember a bright but beautiful light. The next thing I know I felt my limbs leaving my body. At this moment I got really excited as I knew this was going to be an AP.

As soon as I felt that excitement, it was like a snapping sensation and I was slapped back into my body and awake.

It was an amazing thing that had happened but ruined by me not being calm when I needed to be. Like the first time you manage to stand up on a surf board and you get wiped out because you lose focus because of excitement.

It took a lot of practice to break learn the focus that I needed. I basically just allowed the vibes to come and consume me and just keep the focus on being relaxed. It took several goes but I eventually got the hang of it.

5. Too Focused On the Physical Body

All aspects of starting with astral projection involve being fearless, happy and relaxed and losing the ego. All these aspects are linked by becoming more spiritually open. 

The only way you can embrace your spiritual side is by not focusing on your physical body. Of course you have to respect your body and keep it healthy and learn muscle relaxing but the focus should be on outside of your body.

Listening to binaural beats or Tibetan healing sounds can certainly help with that as it pulls your focus outside and into other dimensions of reality. It is about absorbing all senses with  something. Beautiful sounds, burning incense for the sense of smell. Visualising beautiful scenes or imaginary places that can make you feel safe happy and relaxed can help too.

Physical body


The reasons why you cant astral project can only be figured out by yourself ultimately. You need to take the time to face fears, learn real relaxation techniques, boosting your spiritual self and expose yourself to sensory stimulation.

Just remember, everyone has the ability to astral project! You just need to unlock what works for you and do not not get frustrated, just use that apparent failure to AP to hone your skills and help the next time you try.. Good luck.

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