Is It Safe To Astral Project?

Is it Safe To Astral Project

Is It Safe To Astral Project? The Truth May Shock You!

You read and hear all these grand tales from people experiencing amazing astral projections. You would love to experience them as well but inside you are terrified of whats going to happen. This fear is stopping you from achieving an AP. Does this sound familiar to you?

This article is here to help put your mind at ease with some sensible advice. Hopefully you can learn how to astral project once you allay your fears.

It is very important to understand the basis of fear before you begin. We are naturally afraid of things we don’t know or understand. Understanding that this is a natural emotion is key to dealing with it.

To change from dark you need light, to change from hot you add some cold. To move from fear, you add acceptance.

Fear Of Evil Spirits and Demons

This is probably the number one fear that prevents most people from letting themselves go. Fear of malevolent spirits or demons either intimidating you in the astral realm or worse, possessing your body while you are away. 

Bad Hollywood horror movies have a lot to answer for with this fear. Trust me, nothing can hurt you physically while astral projecting. Claims of dark figures or scary creatures while on an AP do occur but it is borne from your own fears. Many of the worst stories sound like people experiencing something like sleep paralysis with fears being manifested in their dream like state.

Evil Spirits

For many beginners to astral projection it is very easy to mistake the intentions of the beings you may meet. You may see imps which are inquisitive creatures that sometimes can be curious about you. They will not hurt you and nothing can hurt your astral body.

You may see other people who are astral travelling at the same time as you. Just like in normal life there are good and bad people who are out and about in the realm you are in.

The best advice I can give to allay fears of evil spirits and demons is to just feel love. Have a feeling of love for everyone and everything while projecting and it will mean you can avoid the fears of other beings.

You can also, easily move wherever you like in the astral realm and it is very easy to escape the attentions of any unwanted astral bodies. You can literally, just fly away.

I remember just telling myself that nothing can hurt me, I will face anything that is there in the astral realm. Since that moment, all the fears disappeared.

I learnt a lot from a few products that I bought that put any fear of astral projection very firmly into perspective.


Fear of Not Being Able To Return To Your Body

The fear of getting lost in the astral realm or simply not being able to find your way back to your body is very understandable but very irrational.

We try to place conscious real world fears and constraints on astral travel as if the same rules applied in the astral world. Quite simply, the rules are different. To travel to distant planets and different times are all possible so naturally the questions are, how do I return? Or what if I get lost?

In the astral world you just have to think about where you want to go and you will go there. At all times we are connected to our physical bodies via a silver cord. You can never lose your way.

What if I Die While Out of My Body?

There is always the chance that you will die in any moment of any day. I am not saying this to add to your fears. Quite the opposite. You cannot die as a result of astral projecting that is the truth. However, your physical body could still have a cardiac arrest or a stroke or any other sudden health problem. 

Please do not fear this though, the bottom line is that I do not know of any stories of someone who has died as a direct result of having an AP. It just doesn’t work like that.

What if I die

What if My Silver Cord Snaps Or Is Cut?

The silver cord is a bit of a misrepresentation of what it actually is to be honest. It isn’t a physical cord that can be cut by physical object like scissors or anything.

It can be thought of as a line of energy that connects the physical to the astral. It cannot be broken while having an AP.

The only time the cord will break is when you eventually die. Nothing or nobody can break your cord in the astral realm.


There are many fears that need to be overcome before you can successfully astral project. It is simply not possible to achieve a conscious OBE without losing the fear as it will always keep you bound inside your body. You will always be asking “why cant I astral project?”

The answer is to face your fears. Ask yourself what are you afraid of? Write them down and then work on each of them one by one in the conscious world.

If you are afraid of some sort of demonic possession of your body then rationalise that thought in your mind. At the day you have to face those fears head on and tell yourself that nothing can hurt you. Your conscious mind just needs those reassurances.

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