Learn How to Astral Project Easily

How to astral project

There are not many things that generate such diverse waves of opinion compared to the subject of astral projection (AP), otherwise known as an Out of Body Experience (OBE).

There are many opinions and teachings on what, how and why this phenomenon occurs. What cannot be denied though is that for whatever reason AP or OBE does exist!

All beginners should read this safety advice when starting out.

What is Astral Projection?

According to Wikipedia, Astral projection (or astral travel) is a term used in esotericism to describe an intentional out-of-body experience (OBE), but what exactly does that mean?

In short it refers to the process of non physical travel in the physical world. How this is achieved is open to debate. Theologians think of the “non physical” as being the soul. Astral travel is the the soul moving from the physical human body and into the physical world.

Science on the other hand believe it is not in fact the soul leaving the body but a very vivid dreamlike state. Drugs like Ketamine and other hallucinogenics can sometimes induce an out of body like experience. Also, some people who have had a near death experience claim to have experienced an OBE during that moment.

My own personal experiences began when I was a young boy. In fact I recall the first time I had a lucid dream.

I remember the sensation of suddenly realising I was actually dreaming and that sense of wonder mixed with devilment. Wonder because I could suddenly shape my dream and devilment because I could do amazing things like fly.

The lucid dreams continued for many years. Occurring sporadically and without warning, I neither asked to have them or questioned them, they just happened naturally. I didn’t even know they were called lucid dreams until one day I read about this phenomenon and recognised what they were talking about. 

I began to study what lucid dreams were about and this led me to find out the next step which is all about astral projection.

What Triggers Astral Projection?

I started to read many books about astral travel and how to astral project and I started practising the techniques I had learned of.

It took several attempts but I remember that feeling the very first time I managed to leave my physical body. 

I felt a strong vibration sensation in the centre of my forehead along with seeing a bright but beautiful light and then I realised I was out of my body. I got so excited and slightly scared that the first time only lasted a nano second, snapping back into my body, but the memory stays with me and will do forever.

From that moment I was pretty much obsessed with the whole thing. Over the years, up until now in 2020, I have visited the astral realm many times and each time is a wonderful experience.

Astral Body

To this day though I am not sure what is the best way to describe it. Is it a spiritual, quasi-religious thing or can it be explained away by science and reason? I do not know the answer to be sure but you know what? I don’t care either..

All I know is that an out of body experience is such an awesome thing to do and achieve, how it is triggered and what it is, for me, is irrelevant.

What Science Says

Very little scientific research has been conducted on OBE’s in general. I find this very strange considering it is such an indisputable natural phenomenon. 

Regardless of background, religion, ethnicity, there is always a common theme to people’s stories of OBE.

A study by scientist Arvid Guterstam in 2015 measured brain activity in people experiencing simulations of an OBE and proved that they do actually exist. 

Does this mean that science has the answer to learning astral projection? No, not yet anyway.

What Religion says

Throughout history and through all religions, similar tales have occurred of astral projection.

The Bible – The Book of Ecclesiastes speaks of a silver cord that connects the astral body to the physical body.

Ancient Egypt – Claim the astral body (Ba) floats above the physical body.

Hinduism – Astral projection is thought to be achieved through practising yoga.

Ancient Japan – An Ikiryo is a manifestation of the soul. It is thought that if someone holds a grudge against another person, their soul can confront that person.

Ba hovering above an Egyptian mummy

It is very clear to see that ancient religions and cultures all have their own versions of lucid dreaming and astral projection.

Is an AP the same as an LD?

Lucid Dream

The question of whether a lucid dream is the same thing as an astral projection is often asked. To be honest I believe it is asked by people who have not experienced one or both of these phenomenon themselves.

Only people who have had both an AP and an LD will tell you that they are quite distinct.

The best explanation I have heard is that a lucid dream is like looking through a window at your dream. An astral projection however is like smashing through that window and travelling around through that dream into a different dimension or plane.

The Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind is the part of the mind that stores all the abstract stuff that makes little to no sense to the conscious part of the mind.

Our dreams are a manifestation of the subconscious mind and also can be the launch pad for our astral body. 

The subconscious mind can only really be accessed when we are deeply relaxed or in a transcendental state. This is why it is vital when learning how to astral project that we find and immerse ourselves in what our subconscious mind is telling us subliminally.

Subconscious mind

What is an OBE?

An OBE or out of body experience is pretty much the same thing as astral projection. Neurosciences and psychology refer to it as dissociative experiences arising from various psychological and neurological factors. 

An out of body experience is just different terminology but people use it when referring to near death experiences, psychedelic drugs and dreaming.

Is It Dangerous?

People are generally afraid of what they do not understand. Never more so than with spiritual and psychological aspects of life.

The real fear arises because we associate death with the soul departing the physical body, especially in western cultures. Also in some religions they talk of demons, heaven and hell. All of these factors increase the fear levels in beginners to astral projection.

A lot of stories of out of body experiences occur in traumatic situations where they have been involved in an accident or they having surgery. This just adds to the fear factor. 

With astral projection there is a cord that connects our astral bodies to our physical, we will not die when performing a voluntary astral projection. 

Astral Projection Techniques

Different cultures and teachers have different techniques when finding ways to astral project but they all have things in common.

I have gone through a few of the most popular methods below. I then go on to demonstrate my own tried and trusted technique.

The Rope Method

The rope technique is attributed to Robert Bruce who is a big name in the astral projection literary world.

It involves visualising a rope and using your astral limbs to pull yourself up and out of your body while using the rope.

This method has proved effective for many beginners when learning astral projection.

The Monroe Method

The Monroe method was pioneered by Robert Monroe.

Essentially it involves reaching the point where you are nearly asleep and then trying to project from there.

In my opinion this is very difficult to achieve. Invariably when I have used this method, I have fallen asleep and don’t recall if I managed to move into the astral realm or not.

It is very likely to result in vivid lucid dreams but who knows if that results in an AP while dreaming.

Astral Project Through Meditation

I have seen mixed opinions on using guided meditations for an AP. Some people claim that it has helped them achieve it but many report that they can only reach the vibrational stage.

The main problem with using meditation is that it involves focusing on the physical which can keep you in your body. Although you can achieve an incredible sense of well being through guided meditation, it is difficult to move to the next level for some people.

Having said that, the steps I am about to demonstrate to you now do involve some meditation.

How to Astral Project Instantly - Step By Step For Beginners

The steps I am about to show you are the ones that I do that gets me out of my body.

The secret to any steps is to shape them to what works for you. Use these as a basis for your own.

Once you develop your own techniques you will know how to project instantly.

Step 1 - Prepare Yourself

Preparation should begin earlier in the day. You need to reinforce to your subconscious mind that tonight you will astral project.

  • Repeat often during the day, the words “I will astral project tonight
  • Choose the room you will be doing it and its best to be alone. It is easier not to be distracted when you are a beginner.
  • Before you begin, ensure you are in a relaxed, happy state of mind.
  • Make sure the room is quiet and dark.
Astral Projection preparation

Step 2 - Deep Relaxation

  • Lying down, close your eyes and begin the deep relaxation techniques.
  • Breathe in slowly and deeply and continue until it comes easy.
  • Empty your mind, think of nothing except parts of your body in turn. Think of your face and imagine each muscle in it, becoming more and more relaxed. Do this from the top of your head to your toes.
  • Let your mind just wander and don’t censor your thoughts.

By now you will be so incredibly and deeply relaxed. Keep the mind awake but the body asleep. You should be at the point where your body feels like its in paralysis but your mind is awake.

You are now at the point where you can move to the next stage.

Step 3 - Reach the Vibration State

It is now time to get to the vibration state. It will happen if you just let it, try not to force it.

With me, it feels like a buzzing sensation that starts in the centre of the forehead and then just encompasses the whole body. 

The first time I reached this stage I had a wave of excitement come over me that felt like elation. It is easy to get too excited at this point and the experience ends because you become too conscious again.

Just allow it to flow through you and stay relaxed and calm and let the vibrations consume you.

Vibration state

Step 4 - Allow Your Soul to Move From Your Physical To Your Astral Body

As the vibrations are happening try to raise a limb out of your physical body. Lift your hand and try to feel it rise up and out of your body. This is where the rope technique becomes useful as it gives you something pull yourself out of your body.

You will eventually feel yourself rise up and out. This is astral projection, you might see a silver cord that connects your astral body to your physical.

Astral project

Step 6 - Explore

I recall the first time I managed to project, I got so excited that I immediately snapped back into my body and woke up. If this happens to you, don’t worry. Everything is very natural.

Once you are out in the astral plane, explore around the realm you are in. This is where you will have your own experiences. You may still be in the room your physical body is in or you may have travelled elsewhere or to a different dimension even.

I have been out of my body and instantly travelled to what can only be described as a heavenly place. I have never felt such peace and tranquillity as I did in this place. The colours and the sounds were just so beautiful. I felt the presence of loved ones and spiritual guides. It is difficult to put into words but it was just incredible.

This is your time to explore your surroundings and look for things, visit people and feel the wonder of it all.

When the time is right, return to your physical body. You only need to tell yourself to do it and you will return. Allow yourself a bit of time to waken and you may feel a bit disoriented at first but also you will feel amazing.

astral realm

Prove Its Real

As you get more and more accomplished at astral travel, congratulations you have learnt how to astral project. It is a good opportunity to prove to yourself and others (if you wish) that you are actually having an OBE.

The Dice Method

One method I have used in the past to prove that I have had an astral projection is to use a dice.

The idea is, just before you go into a relaxed state, throw a dice onto the floor near to where you are laying down.

When you are out of your body, search for the dice on the floor and see what face is showing on the dice and importantly, remember it.

When you come too, get up out of bed and check that the dice face you remember is the same as the dice on the floor. This is a great way of proving that you were actually out of your body.


If all is well, then the dice method will have proven to you that something incredible has happened. In the interests of science you need to repeat this over and over again.

Keep a Log Book

One of the biggest problems with astral projection is remembering them. It is very easy at the end of a projection when you return to your body, to just fall into a deep sleep.

It is said that we all astral project when we are asleep and the only difference is recollection. This is why when we consciously do it, we need to wake up and keep a log book or diary of our experiences immediately.

Just keep a notepad and pen next to your bed or use a Dictaphone app on your smart phone if that is easier for you.

Astral Projection Experiences and Things To Do

Now that you know how to astral project it is time for you to enjoy many experiences in the astral realm.

You can travel to places by just imagining them, you can attempt to travel through time and other dimensions. Your astral cord will always connect you to your body so try not to be afraid.

Are you aware of other astral bodies around you? Try to work out who they are. A lot of them are other people astral travelling as well and some are your guides. Embrace them and do not fear them.

Astral travel

How To Astral Travel To Someone

Many people ask whether it is possible to travel in the astral realm to another person. Yes it is but it is wrong to use it for bad reasons or spying.

The astral realm is just an honest truthful place where ego does not exist. When negativity enters into things you will not be able to astral project anyway.

If you wish to visit someone just imagine where they are and think of them and you will visit them.