How to Astral Project with Binaural Beats?

astral project with binaural beats

How To Astral Project With Binaural Beats

There are many methods to achieve a successful astral projection and most people settle to use breathing and relaxation techniques. There is another group of people that use other sensory stimulus to reach the holy grail of an OBE. The king of those stimulus methods is binaural beats.

What is a Binaural Beat?

So I am going to try and explain in layman’s terms what a binaural beat actually is. Please bare with me if you don’t have a technical mind.

A binaural beat occurs when you hear a sound at a slightly different frequency in either ear. That difference in frequencies produces a tone which is the difference of both those frequencies.

It is an illusion that your mind interprets the sound this way.

For example, in the left ear you are hearing a sound at the frequency of 141 Hz (Hertz) and in the right ear you are hearing 129 Hz. You brain will hear both sounds in each ear but will also hear the difference between them a tone of 141 – 129 = 12 Hz.

There are a few rules with binaural beats

  1. They need to be below 1000 Hz.
  2. The difference between the sounds in each ear need to be less than 30 Hz.
  3. The sounds have to be separated into the left and right ears.

Where Can I Get Some Binaural Beats?

There are plenty of places where you can download or stream some binaural beats audio.

YouTube has plenty of free resources, some are good and some bad. A search will allow you to find some that might help with your astral projections.

There are also some great products to buy that have been specially designed to induce an astral projection for beginners

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Do Binaural Beats Actually Work?

There has been a lot of scientific research that has gone into the effects of binaural beats with various health aspects. In fact they have sometimes been referred to as digital drugs!

The main areas of research involve improved sleep, relieving anxiety, memory and relaxation. Many people claim to have had all these issues improved by the use of binaural beats. 

Binaural Beats

Some astral projectors also claim that they are a very effective way of inducing an AP.

There are 5 categories for frequency patterns.

Delta Pattern – This is a low frequency pattern at somewhere between 0.5 and 4 Hz. This level has been traced to deep sleep patterns.

Theta Pattern – Somewhere between 4 and 7 Hz. Great for meditation and dreaming while asleep. Also, the best frequency range for astral projection.

Alpha Pattern – A frequency between 7 and 13 Hz. Really good for relaxation and meditation.

Beta Pattern – Between 13 and 30 Hz. This helps promote concentration and staying alert.

Gamma Pattern – A frequency between 30 and 50 Hz. Great for asexual arousal apparently.

There is no solid evidence to suggest whether binaural beats actually help with any of the conditions already mentioned. There is also no evidence to suggest it doesn’t either. Ultimately, more testing needs to be done to be sure. 

There are plenty of stories from people who swear that binaural beats work in inducing astral projections. Like always, its almost impossible to prove these things but there is certainly plenty of anecdotal evidence to suggest that they are effective. 



What is The Best Frequency to Use For Astral Projection?

Theta is the best range for inducing astral projections. This is somewhere between 4 and 7 Hz.

At this level the brain is being stimulated into a trance like meditative state. This is great space to be in to reach the vibration stage of astral projection.


How to use Binaural Beats For Astral Projection

The best process when using binaural beats is to follow the standard steps. They are..

  1. Find a quiet, relaxing place to do it with no distractions.
  2. Put on a pair of comfortable headphones, Bluetooth and noise cancelling are ideal. Something like Bose QC35. If you don’t have these then any headphones will work. Start playback of your binaural beats audio.
  3. Start relaxing by breathing deeply and let the binaural frequencies flood your senses.
  4. Reach the vibrations and allow your astral body to leave your physical.
  5. Travel around and explore.


There is plenty of anecdotal evidence that suggests that binaural beats work well with helping to induce an astral projection. Many stories I read are from people who have managed to astral project with friends as well.

The best frequency range is in the Theta pattern between 4 and 7 Hz. 

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