Can People See You When You Astral Travel?


Can People See You When You Astral Travel?

This question gets asked a lot, can you be seen when you are astral projecting?

The answer really depends on the context of who is looking. It is true to say that all of us if not every night, will astral project unconsciously. The problem is we do not remember them the next day. For those people who have learnt how to astral project, then that recall becomes a lot easier.

So, in the context of people who are on the astral plane, in a different dimension and frequency, they can see other astral travellers. The recall of that event is another question.

can people see you when you astral travel

Can You Astral Project and Not Know It?

So, if it is possible for other astral travellers to see you while you are astral projecting. It does beg the question of whether it is possible that you are actually astral projecting and know nothing about it?

In the vast majority of astral projections, this is the truth. We do not know whether we are.

Have you ever had those mornings when you wake up with somebody on your mind or a song you haven’t heard for years playing in your head. I am sure you have and then out of nowhere you might get a message from that person or there is a bit of news about the singer of that song in your head.

Strange things like this happen all the time and those vague recollections could be from your astral travels. Memories of travels lodged in your subconscious that trigger when events happen.

We once again come back to the question of recollection of those travels and some people who are adept at astral projection can do this better than others.

The other big question is whether you can be seen on your astral travels by people in the physical world?

have you ever seen an astral projector while out and about? I am guessing that you haven’t. That pretty much answers that question. Except for those times when you “feel” the presence of someone or see someone in the corner of your eye.

Yes, that is also a sign of being paranoid but in a lot of cases these could be astral projectors.

There are also the people who are tuned in to those higher frequencies. Mediums and the like or people with a sixth sense. It is no coincidence that they can see things that normal people do not.

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