Astral Projection to Visit Someone


Astral Projection to Visit Someone

A question that gets asked quite frequently by beginners to astral projection is can you astral project either with a friend or go meet a friend in the astral realm.

I recall on one of my out of body experiences. It was early in the morning and the birds were just starting their morning birdsong. I was just in that pre-awake state and drifting between dreams. It was then that I felt that crazy vibration that signals the beginning of an astral projection.

Before I knew it I was out of my body and travelling around the neighbourhood. I saw a neighbour of mine who was leaving early for work and willed myself to get as close as I could. He was walking to his car and wearing a blue jacket and jeans. I then watched as he drove off and I slowly returned to my body and eventually woke up.

Later that day I was looking out of my window and saw him returning from work and saw him wearing the same blue coat and jeans that I saw when I was astral travelling.

I know it is possible to go visiting people but not sure if its possible to interact with them.

The thought of meeting a friend is both exciting and also a bit scary. Surely, if it is possible to go and meet someone in the astral then is it also possible that they can see you in your physical body as well in your home?

Is it also possible to spy on people and use the astral realm to cause mischief?

Also, are you able to meet with dead friends and other people when you are astral projecting?

There are many questions and I will do my best to help answer them.

Can You Astral Project With a Friend?

This is a tough one to answer but there has been plenty of anecdotal evidence to suggest that it is possible.

The problem I believe is that at the best of times it is quite unpredictable when and if you are going to astral travel. It becomes even harder to arrange a group astral projection for that very reason. Many use binaural beats to help with group projections.

The anecdotal evidence is from experienced people who regularly try group projections.

the question of whether it is possible to meet dead people then yes it is. My very first astral projection allowed me to be greeted by such a feeling of warmth and I felt the presence of loved ones that had passed away.


Can You Touch Someone During Astral Projection?

This a question that I get asked a lot. Can you touch someone or something when you are astral projecting?

I have personally never managed to touch someones physical body or touch any physical object for that matter. I believe the astral realm is at such a high frequency that even though the physical world is visible to my astral senses at some level it is not possible to touch objects that are on the physical plane.

What is possible though is touching other astral bodies while you are travelling.

Can You Spy With Astral Projection?

On a personal level the temptation when you learn how to astral project is to go visiting people and spying on people to. The reality is that when you are in the astral, the ego means nothing at that time. There are far more beautiful and wonderful things to do that spying becomes not something you even think about.

However, the CIA have documented proof that they have tried using astral projection to spy on Russian facilities.

CIA Proof

How To Stop Someone From Astral Projecting Into Your Home

There is nothing you can physically do to stop astral bodies from entering your home. You need to flip this round though and remember that astral projection is as natural as life itself and has been happening since the beginning of consciousness.

People astral project unconsciously all the time, they never recall them because they are not tuned into recall them. Just like some people cant remember dreams or lucid dreams even.

So what about people who deliberately try to visit someone else home during an astral projection? In my experience, it is possible but like I mentioned earlier it somehow all becomes unimportant in the astral.

There are some people who claim that surrounding your house with white light can prevent astral transgressions but I have seen no evidence it works.


It is very possible to visit someone or some place on the astral plane but I don’t believe it is possible to touch physical objects. 

You can communicate and touch astral bodies of other people though and also I have felt the presence of people who have passed over too.

There is also evidence that the secret services are looking to astral projection to spy also.

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