Astral Projection Rope Method

Rope Method

Astral Projection Rope Method

Robert Bruce - The Rope Method

Astral projection is the goal but so many people who try to achieve this incredible feat of nature will sadly fail.

Robert Bruce is a famous author and astral traveller. He has many best selling books on the subject. However, the one method that he invented that gets a lot of attention, due to its success rate, is the Rope Method.

If you want to learn how to astral project, go and read up about it and then follow this method to give yourself the best chance of having an out of body experience.

The consciousness encapsulates not only our own perception of what consciousness actually is but an interconnected network of consciousness or “superconscious”.

While awake, we tap into this world using our 5 senses (if we are so blessed to have all of them) sight, sound, touch, taste and smell. 

While asleep we are generally unaware that we can tap into the whole realm of superconsciousness by using astral projection. It is a natural phenomenon that the vast majority of people are not even aware of.

For the lucky few, we are aware and it becomes almost an obsession to consciously remember and experience an astral projection.

The problem for a lot of people also, is that, to experience this, they can’t actually get to the point where they can astral project. Or at least they are not aware of it.

The rope method or rope technique, is a wonderful way of getting your astral body to leave the physical body which is possibly the hardest step in the process.

7 Step Rope Method

Step 1 - Relax... Relax... Relax

One of the best ways to relax is to first, have a good nights sleep. It is no coincidence that the best times to astral project are early in the morning. That period between sleep and waking up. You are in a beautifully relaxed state at that point and ready to move to step 2. This is by far the best way if you find yourself just falling asleep when you attempt an AP after going to bed.

If you want to attempt at other times, then getting yourself into a relaxed state is imperative. Some people use calming music or binaural beats. Consider using crystals to help you astral project as well. I use muscle relaxation techniques. Deep breathing and visualising each muscle from head to toe, slowly relaxing. Do not rush it, just let it happen.


Step 2 - Send Your Physical Body To Sleep

This step, is where a lot of people will fail unfortunately but is a very important to skill to learn and master.

The ability to send just the body to sleep but keep the mind awake. This can be achieved from your deep relaxed state by just being patient. Keep in mind, that you want to astral project and let your mind wonder around the hypnagogic state you are in.

Try to keep the channel of your conscious mind open by looking and mentally analysing your hypnotic state.

It is a difficult skill, but important. You will know when you have reached it because it will feel like your body is heavy and you have almost paralysed (for want of a better term).

Fall asleep

Step 3 - Explore Your Subconscious Mind

This is the stage where you literally do nothing. You have gone passed the point where your mind will fall asleep but your body is.

This is an enjoyable experience in itself. I wouldn’t describe it as the same as lucid dreaming but you are just letting the subconscious do its thing.

All the imagery contained within it can be explored. You have connected your conscious mind to the subconscious. Just let all the amazing things happen, all the colours, visualisations, sounds. Immerse yourself and get ready for the next step.

Subconscious Mind

Step 4 The Vibrations Stage

This is the point where your subconscious in full flow and from nowhere you will feel a wonderful buzzing and vibration emanating from your forehead. It is believed this is your third eye Chakra energy.

For a lot of people, reaching this point will be exciting (and it is) but the important thing is to keep that feeling in check and not allow it to pull you out of this beautiful state.

Just let the vibrations happen and move to the nest step.

Vibrations Stage

Step 5 - Stay In Control

Now you are used to the feeling of the vibrations, have some fun with them. Try to control how them. Try to change the frequency so that they buzz slower or faster. Try and control the intensity as well. Even make them go and come back.

Once you have mastered this control, getting to this point gets easier each time you try.

Step 6 - Use The Rope Method

This is the point where the rope method actually comes into play.

You now have full control of the vibrations and it is time now to visualise in your minds eye, a rope dangling above and slightly behind your head. Just above the crown and near your third eye.

See it swaying above you, reach for it in your minds eye. Feel it in your astral hands and the gently pull on it. Feel the tension on the rope as you pull it.

Slowly, start to pull on the rope. Feel your head move up and out of your physical body. The sensation is strange but go with it.

Use both astral hands on the rope now, pull a bit harder until you feel your torso move up and out. If you feel compelled to drop back into your body just allow it to happen and then try again.

Keep pulling until your whole astral body is out. Congratulations you have achieved an astral projection.

Rope Method

Step 7 - Explore the Astral realm

It is perfectly natural at this step to get too excited or even freak out a bit. If you do, don’t worry if you snap back into your body again.

Just keep trying until you are out again. While you are astral travelling, you will soon realise you can go wherever you want to go.

Allow yourself to explore whatever you want. It might be that you just want to explore your neighbourhood or visit someone. It is up to you what you do. Just enjoy it.

Astral realm


As with everything you try, practice makes perfect. Don’t expect to be able to do this the first time you try but remain patient.

Probably the most important tip I can give you is to stay calm and relaxed and never force it. As soon as you get angry with yourself or get impatient even, its game over. You will never achieve it. We get irritated by any number of things with nagging questions like will I be seen or is it safe?

Keep your Chakra energies in tune, stay focused but calm and above all be patient and you WILL achieve astral projection.

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