Astral Projection For Beginners

Astral Projection for Beginners

Astral Projection For Beginners

So you may have heard about this phenomenon called astral projection or you might have heard about out of body experiences (OBE) or even astral travel. They are all terms that describe the act of “experiencing” an out of body sensation to varying degrees.

For beginners to this, it can seem bizarre and impossible at first but having had many OBE’s myself, I know that this phenomenon exists. There are also millions of people who can attest to the experience of an AP (astral Projection).

As someone who is new to the astral world you probably have many questions. This article will serve to answer all the important ones and if you have more please add comments at the end and I can answer them.

Astral Projection Experiences

One of the things that most beginners to astral projection always want to know is what is it like to have an astral projection.

It is very true to say that different people have different experiences and it is also difficult to differentiate between people making stuff up and telling the truth. With that said, I can offer you some insight into my own personal travels and what you can expect. 

My first successful projection occurred early one morning when I projected into what I can only describe as a heavenly type place. It didn’t feel like it was anywhere on earth but I had such an overwhelming feeling of peace, love and tranquillity. The place was kind of a colourful natural landscape with babbling brooks and beautiful bird like creatures. I also felt the presence of my ancestors and felt them welcoming me. I couldn’t see them though.

On other occasions I have had an an OBE and found myself in my own room but the furniture looked slightly different. It was almost timeless, I had no concept of time like I was in a different dimension where it just doesn’t matter. 

The takeaway from this is that your own experiences will be different and it is such an amazing thing to do.

What Actually is an Astral Projection and Is It Real?

To best describe what an astral projection actually is then take a look at this short video on the subject.

Essentially there are two schools of thought. The first say that it is the soul managing to leave the body and explore the astral realm which can be different dimensions of time and space.

The second school of thought is that it all happens in the subconscious mind and taps into some sort of super consciousness. Either way, it is an amazing experience that we can all have if we practice.

How To Learn Astral Projection

There are many methods and techniques to learn and you should develop techniques that work for you.

Some people use sensory stimulation like binaural beats.

Essentially they all boil down to these steps.

  1. Find a safe and quiet place to lie down.
  2. Breathe slow and deep breaths.
  3. Relax every muscle.
  4. Go deeper and deeper.
  5. Feel the vibrations
  6. Move your astral body out into the astral.

There are many good books, videos and courses out there. You need to practice and not get disheartened. It will probably take many attempts before it happens.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is there a good time of day to do it?
A1. No. You can astral project at any time of day or night. In my experience its best not to do it when you are feeling very tired or stressed. Also, I find the early morning hours quite conducive to an AP.

Q2. Do I have to lie on my back?
A2. No. You just need to be comfortable and relaxed, so whatever works for you.

Q3. What if I get an itch or cramp, can I still move?
A3. Yes, you just need to stay relaxed and calm. Trying to stifle pain or an irritation will ruin that relaxation.

Q4. Is it safe to astral project, could I die?
A4. Yes, it is safe and no you cannot die as a direct result of astral projection.

Q5. Do I need drugs like THC to have an AP?
A5. No, you do not need any drugs to have an out of body experience. However, it is still possible to do it while smoking dope if that’s your thing but I don’t recommend it personally.

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