Is Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection the Same Thing?

Astral projection vs lucid dreaming

Is Astral Projection and Lucid Dreaming the Same Thing?

It has often been asked of me, if lucid dreaming is the same thing as astral projection. The answer is a very emphatic, NO! 

It is not simply a question of what is better in a lucid dreaming vs astral projection kind of way. They are just different experiences that are also connected as well. 

The best way of describing lucid dreaming is that it is like looking through a window at your dream and being conscious that you are having a dream and in some way being bale to shape it as well.

An astral projection on the other hand is where you have gone through the window of the dream and into a different dimension and are actually able to move around and see things in the astral realm.

What is a Lucid dream?

A lucid dream is a dream that occurs while you are sleeping in which it becomes incredibly real and vivid. 

It is actually being aware that you are actually having a dream and then being able to shape that dream to a certain extent.

The hard thing with lucid dreams is being able to recollect it. You have to wake up soon after having one and then make notes about it in a journal to remember it vividly.

Lucid Dream

What is an Astral Projection?

An astral projection is the act of the astral body actually leaving the physical body and then travelling around in the astral realm and other dimensions and even time.

To have an astral projection takes a lot of practice and many attempts usually before it happens. Some people are naturally disposed to being able to astral project while others need to try different techniques before it happens.

It is thought that we all unconsciously astral project from our sleep anyway , but just do not remember it because most people are not tuned into having an astral projection and recalling them.

Astral Projection

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